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Expanding our Network in Melbourne

Few would argue that Melbourne is the cycling capital of Australia.  Despite the omnipresent threat of precipitation and gusty winds, the Southern Metropolis just gets it done.  It breeds a certain type of rider, one who is hardened to the elements and is prepared to make the commute despite the conditions.



Cobra9 has had a long association with Melbourne through our earliest partner – Lucas Owen, a highly trained and intensely focused physiotherapist and bike fitter based in the Northern Suburbs.  We also have a great relationship with the equally fastidious Ken Ballhause at AHP who has a proven track record on and off the bike.

To enable a more practical and efficient podiatic network, we have also linked with FARC who work out of South Melbourne and the Western Suburbs.   Head Podiatrist Jason Cook has spent many years working with elite athletes around Melbourne and brings a wealth of lower limb experience to our Melbourne clients.   Working with in conjunction with our listed bike fitters, Jason and our Melbourne bike fitters will be able to meet all your cycle fit needs.


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