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COBRA9 Canberra is online and ready to roll. PHYSIOSPORT O’Connor has the goods!



Our partners in Canberra now have the capacity to look after all your cycling footbed and bike fitting needs after stocking the full Cobra9 SemiPro range.  This means all shapes and sizes are now covered by our specific range of off the shelf, ready to roll, low bulk and supportive SemiPro orthoses.   Physiosport is also the Canberra location for Cobra9 Pro casting and performs the full RETUL bike fit service.  Physioport O’Connor has recently undergone a transformation and the new set up and website look the business.


We are very selective regarding who is able to stock our products.  Becoming a Cobra9 provider is a reflection of that business’s professionalism, having an appropriate clinic set up and a commitment to ongoing training and skill set diversification.   This is the case across all our providers throughout Australia.  If it’s Cobra9 approved, it’s guaranteed to be quality.

Cobra9 is looking forward to being in Canberra on a regular basis, getting a few rides in and looking after the needs of the Capital territories feet.

If you have any queries, contact us or Physiosport for more details.

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