Contact Cycling Physiotherapy Centre, our partners in Melbourne to get assessed and cast for your Cobra9’s and ensure your riding position is correct, all at the same time.
Lucas Owen is the Founder and Director of Cycling Physiotherapy Centre, and has combined 10 years of clinical experience with 20 years of cycling experience.
The Cycling Physiotherapy Centre uses the Retul 3D Motion Capture system for bike fitting, ensuring that any changes to equipment (including your Cobra9’s) or physical condition can be accurately assessed.  This allows for a more technical and comprehensive bike fit.   Lucas also has 10 years of Clinical Pilates experience.
Lucas has undergone further training enabling him to accurately capture the foot as required to fabricate the top tier Cobra9 Pro device.

Cycling Physiotherapy Center
52 Templestowe Road Bulleen
Melbourne VIC 3105