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Do you experience foot discomfort while riding?

Do you experience numbness or ‘hot spots’ while riding?

Do you wear orthotics in your running shoes and have been struggling to squeeze them into your cycling shoes?

Do you want to feel the power transfer through to the bike?

Carbon layup

COBRA9 cycling orthotics are designed to fit the shape and internal structure of the cycling shoe. Our mission is to make your shoes better! Standard orthotics are bulky, use unnecessary additions and fill the cycling shoe leaving your foot cramped, numb and painful.

Greater Surface Area

The greater the surface area, the greater the comfort and power of each stroke.

Light and stiff (Maximum strength, Minimal flex)

We use twill and mono directional carbon fibre that is no more than 1mm thick.


We use a 3mm dual density water resistant EVA foam wrapped around your lightweight carbon shell.

Why we use insoles in cycling shoes?

The foot was not designed for cycling. It tends to distort and twist through the pedal stroke due to the mid-foot movement required for walking. In addition when cycling we tend to mainly load the forefoot region. As shoes have become stiffer and ride distances have increased, the potential for high forefoot pressures to cause burning and pain has also increased.

Our cycling insoles have been designed to spread the load over a larger surface area whilst not squishing the foot into your shoe. Loads of what we want – pressure spread. None of what we don’t – tight fitting crampy shoes!

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Ready to roll ‘off the shelf’.

Available in 3 arch profiles (low/medium/high) and 6 sizes from XS to XXL.


Full custom. This process requires a custom foot molding session.

Cover thickness and additions are all made to order. We also design the carbon stiffness for each cyclist.