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Make your cycling shoe the extension of yourself

The custom nature of the COBRA9Pro means that we cater for your particular set of circumstances.

Ultimate comfort and performance



The Carbon fibre inner core is the key to the stability and support that the Cobra9 Pro is able to offer while remaining incredibly light. The inner core is uniquley designed for each athlete with a combination of mono directional and twill fibre to ensure strength but with much needed flexibility. This ensures comfort and support for the rider. Each pair are custom layered to ensure we have just the right level of stiffness for each client.

Due to the customised process fabricating this product, we can widen or taper the InnerCore to match more irregular foot profiles.

Cycle Profile

The carbon fibre we use to create the Cobra9 Pro allows us to drastically reduce the space that the insole requires to provide the appropriate support while cycling. The result is a light weight, unobtrusive innersole – a Size 43 Cobra9 Pro footbed weighs in around 30 grams.

Outer Casing

The Cobra9 Pro’s standard dual density outer casing is comprised of a firm hard wearing bottom layer and a softer, more pliant upper layer for improved comfort on those rough highway roads. The custom made to order dual density EVA foam provides a comfortable top cover which minimises weight and allows for further foot contouring with regular wear.

The top cover is hard wearing and easy to wash. As this is a fully customised product, we can make covers with different widths, densities and profiles to reduce load to pressure points as required. This is a bespoke item. We make it how you need it!

Casting Process

We use a semi weight bearing casting process to ensure that the casting profile relates appropriately to the shape of the foot under cycling load. We need this type of cast to ensure we can be as accurate as possible in getting your feet comfortable in your shoes.

Podiatrist Fabricated Guarantee

All of our Cobra9 Pro devices are hand finished and prepared by the Principle Podiatrist of Cobra9.  We don’t outsource our orthotics to labs or untrained technicians.  All Cobra9 Pros come with a guarantee of quality meaning the Pro is ready to roll. If you aren’t happy, neither are we!