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About us

In 2009 the COBRA9 was officially created in Hobart with Podiatrists Nathan White and Chris Angel collaborating on the first designs. Credit for the name must go to Wayne McLean whose idea of pairing a number and noun to sound catchy caught on – Cobra – because it looks like a black snake, and 9 as it was 2009.  The first versions were rudimentary plastic and carbon offerings but were the first steps in the evolution of the set of products we offer today.

In 2011, the company started using Carbon Composite as its material of choice and a more streamlined custom offering for COBRA9 Pro users was launched.  In parallel, the COBRA9 racing team was formed and acted as the early test bed for our products under the rigors of racing use. This has broadened over time and our products a now used by a variety of athletes, from the amateur to the elite, across all cycling disciplines.

In 2013, Adam White joined the company and we worked on the launch of a larger online offering to customers alongside the first incarnations of the ‘off the shelf’ COBRA9 SemiPro.

By 2015, we had graduated to carbon fibre with thinner shells and better flexibility elements added into our products.  Our network of partners grew to include nationwide options including our first overseas retailers.

In 2017, COBRA9 was merged into the larger Pedaler Holdings Group which also incorporates health practices and cafes.  Adam and Nathan remain key stakeholders in this entity.  

In 2021, Daniel Perkins came on board to head up Product Development for COBRA9 Cycling Orthotics and our orthotic lab moved to North Brisbane. 

In 2022, COBRA9 commenced OEM development and production of innersoles for our first large Cycling Shoe retail partner Bont Cycling and Rowing.  A second lab was established at Morningside to allow for production at scale.

We remain Australian through and through with every orthotic still hand made in Brisbane.

Cobra9 Carbon Orthotics since 2009