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The Cobra9 SemiPro is a semi rigid carbon orthotic device designed specifically for cycling.

As podiatrists and cyclists, we have spent years studying feet coming up with the best design to support the foot and reduce hot spots. We’ve packed it all into the lightest and stiffest off the shelf insole available – The Cobra9 SemiPro.

Arch Support

The specifically designed shape of the carbon fibre inner core supports the arch to ensure we distribute pressure over the entire arch region to alleviate hot spots

Carbon Fibre Inner Core

At the heart of the Cobra9 SemiPro is a Carbon Fibre Inner Core that provides the structural backbone of the device. The inner core is light (10grams) and stiff enough to deliver effective load spread for a more comfortable ride. We use a blend of twill and unidirectional carbon fibre to achieve the perfect level of rigidity.

Dual Density Top Cover

The Carbon Core is wrapped in 2 layers of thin waterproof foam. The upper layer is a lower density foam suitable for cushioning. The base layer which wraps around the fibre inner core is a firmer density foam designed to provide longevity. (The new Cobra9 SemiPro Thin* uses a thinner fabric backing to keep the thickness to 2mm for those super tight fitting shoes).

Forefoot Domes

Every pair of Cobra9 SemiPros comes with a pair of optional adhesive backed metatarsal domes. The SemiPro top cover indicates where these may be placed if you need more pressure relief for persistent hot spots.