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The Cobra9 Difference

When you order your cycling orthotics from Cobra9, you’re getting the best.  We don’t cut corners when it comes to our products.  Everything is handmade.  All materials are of the highest quality and our technicians and professionals are involved every step of the way.  Not sure what this means, I’ll take you through the process.

Step 1: Meet your professional and get your feet ‘taken’.

Cobra9 customisation
Cobra9 Casting

This is the first and probably the most crucial step in the process and it is where the Cobra9 difference really kicks in.  Our clinicians spread around Australia have been trained with regards to foot ‘posture’ and the underlying cycling relevance.  The impression mould of your foot forms the building block of the Cobra9 Pro.  We make it our priority to ensure all practitioners are able to obtain the perfect mould.  After this has been achieved, all essential information is gathered and your biomechanics thoroughly assessed.  All this information is sent to the central lab and home of Cobra9.

Step 2: Design

Cobra9 Prescription
Cobra9 Prescription

Once your ‘feet’ and prescription arrive at the central lab of Cobra9, all design, shaping and additions to your Cobra9 Pros are handled by the Principle Podiatrists.  We have been building Cobra9 Pros for years and know what should and shouldn’t feature on your devices.  We guarantee our modifications and design.

Step 3: Manufacture

Cobra9 Finishing - Can you see where the name came from now?
Cobra9 Finishing

Once all design is finalised, the moulds go to the lab.

This is the dusty, messy part where the Cobra9 Pro finally starts to takes shape.  Again, all finishing, shaping and custom elements of the Cobra9 Pro are handled directly by our experienced Principle Podiatrists.  Once the Cobra9 Pro is ready for delivery, it is hand signed by the Principle Podiatrist as ready to roll.

We guarantee our Cobra9 Pros, you don’t like them, we’ll replace them!


Step 4: Delivery

The Cobra9 Pros are arrive with a pair of sweet Cobra9 socks.  Express delivery means they will get to their destination around 10 working days after you have been cast.  You’re ‘feet’ live with us forever.  You lose your Cobra9 Pros, they will be replaced fast!  You want another set – done!

Corba9Pro Orthotic
Corba9 Pro Orthotic


Cobra9 lives cycling.  We cast, prescribe, shape, make and deliver you’re Cobra9s then get on our bikes and go for a ride.  After all, what’s the point of working if you can’t enjoy your the fruits of your labour.  We don’t just make cycling orthotics – we use them and that’s the difference.

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