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Cobra9 Update

Busy times here at Cobra9 HQ.  We have been busy working on a few changes to the Cobra9 Pros and Semi Pros whilst trying to train and prepare for the annual Battle on the Border cycling festival.

Some of the changes include a larger range of top cover thickness options and densities.  It means a departure from our stock white Cobra9 Pro from the past 4 years.  White will remain an option, but among others.  All top covers will be chosen depending upon dimensions required and softness/firmness options.


Cobra9 Pro
Cobra9 Pro

We also carry a vast range of bottom layers to match with the top covers to ensure a good fit and optimal comfort.  As you would expect, every device is designed around the requirements of the individual rider.  We have been forced to be very creative of recent with ‘tricky’ feet to deal with.  We like a challenge here at Cobra9!

We have also been very busy meeting podiatrists, bike fitters and physiotherapists who work in and around Cobra9.  Some our the new members of our team have brought huge amounts of experience and insight into the world of bike fit, cycling and biomechanics.  As a result, we are able to meet and cast around a larger portion of Australia then ever before.  We look forward to some emerging partnerships in Adelaide coming soon.

We have also linked up with quality apparel provider 4Shaw agencies to provide us with our Cobra9 custom socks.  We have always issued a free pair of socks with our Cobra9 Pro devices and soon everyone will be able to enjoy the colour and styling of Cobra9 teamed with 4Shaw.  Stay tuned to see the finished product!

Follow the rainbow


Keep tuned to the site as I will update the proceedings from the Battle on the Border for those that are interested.  I have been shoved into Elite 1 so expect to have plenty of time to take photographs whilst riding solo (behind!) the peloton.   Safe riding.




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