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Cobra9 Pro punching on at the Queensland State Crit Champs

A great day of racing at the Queensland Masters & Elite Criterium Championships yesterday.   Cobra9 Pro athletes featured heavily on the podiums all day.  In fact, out of the ten riders wearing Cobra9 Pros who raced yesterday, eight finished in the top four, including three wins, and three second placings.  We don’t claim that we were the sole basis for their achievements because they are hitters who train long and hard, but that success rate speaks volumes!!  Maybe it’s time you got the Cobra9 edge…

Congratulations from Cobra9 to the podium getters on the day

Tom Coates First (Elite Men)

Matt Zaranski 2nd (Masters 1)

Brenden Smyth First (Masters 2)

Tim Dalgleish First (Masters 3)

Matt Ryan 2nd (Masters 3)

Abi Jenkins 2nd (U19 Womens)

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