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Recent Cobra9 Pro Cycling Orthotic Images

We have been busy fabricating custom Cobra9 Pro devices and we thought we would bring a selection to the website to demonstrate the flexibility and individual nature of each Pro device.

Increased forefoot medial support with balanced rearfoot

Abnormal forefoot

Cobra9 Pro cyclist with an abnormal forefoot position causing the foot to roll in with the pedal stroke.

We have created a Cobra9 Pro with increased forefoot wedging and mild varus rearfoot wedging. The rearfoot wedging is very unusual on our Pro devices and was only incorporated due to available space and a severely everted rearfoot.

Assymetrical Cobra9 Pros

Asymmetrical foot

A pair of Cobra9 pros for the asymmetrical foot. This option is required more often then one would expect.Put in simple terms, one foot rolls out too much and the other rolls in too much. The resulting Pro device has an allowance for this position through the forefoot with differing profiles to balance. The blue 1.5mm EVA bottom covers rather then the standard 2-3mm red EVA are due to the very tight fit of the pair of Sidi’s these Pro devices were made for.

Very thin covers for a pair of Sidis

Cycling shoe specific needs

Allowances for difficult feet combined with the demands of certain shoes is where the Cobra9 Pro really shines.

Many devices come with the extra additions seen here including metatarsal domes, wedges and deflection additions.

In the instance of large forefoot angles, external cleat modification and shimming is always the best option.

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