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UCI World Champs

Well, what a weekend.  The World Champs were well beyond my greatest expectations.  The informed nature of the crowd, the unanimous support for all athletes (maybe a shade more for the Aussies) and seeing all those familiar names I have only heard uttered by Phil Liggett was a little unexpected and overwhelming.  Maybe the excellent crowd behaviour was to be expected with so many footy fans absent after celebrating their teams victory in the AFL the day before.  I’d like to think it relates to the mindset of most avid cycling fans and the carnival atmosphere associated with bike racing.  Good to see so many children and bikes out on such a cracking day.


The Australian cyclists performed admirably especially Alby, Stuey and Cadel.  I have always forced myself to like Cadel Evans as a patriot, but to see him close up repeatedly thrashing himself to stay at the pointy end of the field has a far more emphatic effect on my appreciation then years of scripted articles.  Riche Porte and Michael Rogers rode well in the TT (and dressed well at the airport).  I hardly knew Michael Matthews prior to the u23 road race and by the end, I was out of my chair punching the air like a devoted fan.  Such is the effect of a hard race on an unforgiving course.

The world champs road race is a battle of attrition.  It sucks you in each lap building suspense until it explodes over the last few metres.  It was certainly the first time I’ve stood on the side of the road with dozens of others listening to a car radio with sole intent to hearing the last few metres of a race with my heart in my mouth.  ‘Davis, Hushovd, Davis, Breschel………Thor has it!!!!’

Alby hanging tough

For an amateur cyclist like myself, it is good to see such quality athletes close up in obvious states of distress racing for themselves and their country.  So many in the field sacrificed themselves for their team mates (watch the first 5 minutes of the last lap to fully understand this concept).  Nothing motivates you more to train harder then watching the best in the business.  I’ll be back on the bike as soon as I’ve finished up casting, chatting and travelling with Cobra9 carbon cycling orthotics in Melbourne.  It was also good to meet and greet some new members to the Cobra9 fraternity.  It’s a pleasure to discuss cycling with those who love it and live it.

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