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Charles Coin Race, Cobra9 update – Newcastle online!

It was nice to be racing back in Queensland this past weekend with a glorious warm sunny day to embrace us.  A large competitive field descended on Laidley (some quicker then others especially when your running periously late) to hammer around a largely flat course.  The lack of climbs was compensated by the very ordinary road surface and narrow windy roads.  The finishing few miles were espcially ‘exciting’ with sharp rises blended with dirt road and sharp corners.   With a large field in Div 2 it was unlikely any breaks were likely to stay away.  I’m sure the same course with some devastating cross winds or rain could wreak some havoc.

As it eventuated, positioning in the last km was crucial and the Cobra9 train were right in the mix.  Unfortunatley we went wide on the ultimate corner and with that, any chance of a race win were over.  It was nice to finish a race without cramp for a change, and also nice to be in the mix.

Div 1 was taken in a monster performance by Tom Collier from Tinelli racing who soloed that last 50kms to win by around a minute.  All Tom’s time trialling skills obviously came to the fore there.  Tom is a recent convert to Cobra9 and has recently been going strong with both his speed play pedals and Cobra9 Custom Orthotics.

In other news, we now have a trained Cobra9 casting podiatrist in Newcastle.  Anyone wanting to be cast in the Hunter region should contact us or the Newcastle Foot & Ankle Clinic directly.



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