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Ipswich 100 Reviewed

The cobra9 team spent a wonderful morning riding and chatting to the punters at the Ipswich 100.  A fantastic ride well organised by the Lions Team.  The 100 km guys rode well and enjoyed answering queries from cyclists regarding cobra9 orthotics.  A few more guys have become part of the team and are now enjoying the comfort provided by the cobra9’s.

The 100 mile event was a different beast with the 12 deadly hills taking their toll on the guys.  Adam managed a top five and the rest of the team managed to get home in the top 20.  The imperial 100 is a wonderful challenge and I can not recommend it more highly to those wishing to test their metal.

All those casted at Brisbane should now be enjoying their cobra9’s.

Keep an eye out for our next casting sessions and the events we are attending.  Contact us to organise a cast or if you have any further queries.

Safe cycling,


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