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Sydney Cast Session Tomorrow/Semi Pro Update

A reminder to all those booked in for the cast session in Sydney tomorrow to bring your cycling shoes.

The top cover design of the Semi Pro is nearing completion.  The funky white remains on top with the red eva base enclosing the carbon fibre shell.  Another feature for those purchasing from the web site will be the ability to purchase different sizes and arch heights for differently shaped feet.


Cobra9 Semi Pro Sneak Peek


Some more race results from Cobra9 members have been rolling in.  Jay Bourke (Search2Retain) managed an impressive top 20 in the Melbourne – Warrnambool.   Must be time for a rest now Jay.

Brisbane Cobra9 rider Allan Uhlmann managed an impressive 2nd in the Oceania Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships.  A very strong effort on an undulating course.

In a more low key race, I managed to finally get over the line 1st with some serious lead out help from Cobra9 rider Adam to take out the B grade Synergy criterion on the weekend.  Felt strange to be across the line in front for the first time in over a year.  Never get tired of that rush though.


Enjoy the weekend rides..

How not to rest your hands for a podium photo


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