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Another good article by one of our favourite blogs that discusses the benefits of a bike fit and insole fit as part of that process.  The debate over the benefits of the bike fit is an ongoing one but what I think this article highlights is that quality is the key to maximising the benefit.  Many of cobra9’s cyclists have had this process and rate it invaluable in terms of comfort, but also performance.  Some of the modifications to the set up can be staggering but once the new normal is established, returning to the old is unacceptable.  This sums up the cobra9 cycling orthotic effect quite neatly.

The insoles discussed in the cyclingtips article are off the shelf esoles.  As I have mentioned in previous posts esoles at this stage represent what is available in most bike shops and are relatively easy to semi-customise.  It’s a nice simple product which is widely used and not overly expensive.

Cobra9 customisation
Cobra9 customisation

The cobra9 cycling orthotic is not really competing with this product as it exists in a different tier of customisation.  It represents the idea that one size does not fit all.  It follows that the process to obtain a custom cycling cobra9 orthotic is not as easy as walking into your LBS.  However, the level of contouring, support, stiffness and weight minimisation makes it all worthwhile.   Of course its always nice when the shiny little black cobra9 bag arrives at your door as well.  Who doesn’t like waiting to new gear to arrive.

Anyone who wants more information or details of the cobra9, contact us.  We endeavour to provide accurate and helpful information to all emails.  Current casting session dates are also available here.

See you out there.

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