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Zac Clarkson, Gold Coast

14th October 2013

Dear Nathan, wanted to thank you again for my new Pro orthotics. I’ve
only ridden in them twice, but I can already feel the difference. I
have absolutely no pain in my feet and they are so comfortable. We
even won our first race back with me using the new orthotics for the
first time. Thank you again.

Kind regards,
Zac Clarkson

Tim Roe, BMC Racing

16th May 2013

…Thanks heaps for your help and support Nathan.. and thanks for the Cobra9 Pros..


Sandra, Gold Coast

12th May 2013

…OMG… absolutely love them .. I cant believe the difference after only  3 rides .. I feel like I am riding stronger with less effort


John, Heidelberg Victoria

9th November 2012

…The inserts are truly wonderful and I can say the investment is warranted.

Thanks for saving my feet Nathan! Riding without the inserts was really killing my cycling experience considering I ride 80 to 120km every day, now its pure enjoyment.


Jay Bourke, Seight Test Team

16th January 2012

…the Cobras, as they have seriously solved my feet problems and allowed me to train to new levels!

Thanks again for your help and support Nathan, really appreciate it.
Will stay in touch,

Steve Ackerie, The Chelsea Bistro

27th January 2012

I have started to get a few long rides in recently and i am very happy with my foot comfort. No hot foot up to 4 hours. It is such a pleasure to be comfortable on the bike.

Very impressed and very happy.

Thank you,

James Watson from Hobart

12th  July 2010

During the 1980’s I competed as an elite cyclist in Victoria. During
that time I suffered from numb and burning feet. To overcome the
problem I had to slice my cycling shoes to allow myself some relief
from the discomfort.

I retired from competitive cycling in 1988 and took up the sport again
in 2008 at the age of 45. Even with the improvement in shoe design and
fit, the same problems persisted.

Cobra9 suggested I try their orthotics. The orthotics were fitted to
my base model cycling shoes. I found that this relieved most of the
symptoms of numb and burning feet I had suffered over the years.
However, they also suggested I upgrade to a better quality cycling
shoe. So, after refitting the orthotics to some new shoes, all the
symptoms have gone.

Consequently, because I no longer suffer with painful feet, my cycling
has improved.

Ideally, if I could, I would wear my cycling shoes everywhere as they
are the most comfortable of any of my shoes. If only I had had the
expertise of Cobra9 twenty years ago!!

No pain and more enjoyable cycling equals better performance.

Mark from Brisbane

25th  April 2010

I love cycling. I go to bed early, I wake up early and ride somewhere in the vicinity of 250km per week. I don’t race road or crits, I am not a pro and have no delusions of grandeur. I just ride because I love riding. There is something about meeting a bunch of friends on any given morning and riding for 1,2,3,4,5 hours that just makes sense to me.

The thing that made my obsessive hobby less enjoyable was the pain that started creeping into my left knee around the 50km mark of most outings. As soon my cycling computer hit 50 I knew what was coming up. It would start just below my hamstring and slowly start spreading its way around to the front of my knee until it got to the point where I would have to stop.

My bike had been set up by a pro, my shoes cost way more than I ever admitted to my significant other, and still the same result, until I discovered orthotics.

Plenty of people I know had used orthotics for their day-to-day shoes, but I had never even thought of using them for riding. A friend of a friend of a friend suggested that you Cobra 9 guys should have a look at my feet.

A long story short……… they work. They make me feel comfortable. The old 50km creeping pain is gone and has been replaced by the dull ache that 150km+ in the saddle can give you.

For years I have trolled all of the local shops, internet sites and forums for the latest bit of ultra light, carbon injected, nano technology something or other that is going to give me less weight, more power, less fatigue, make me climb faster, descend better, look sharper etc etc etc etc.

I know realistically that at my humble level of ability none of it will really make a great deal of difference. My carbon orthotics however mean that I can now actually keep up with my mates and maybe even gain bragging rites on some occasions

Thanks guys,

Mark from Brisbane.