Cat 1

Stage 1. Road Race 107km
7th Kurtis Brent
9th Nathan White

Stage 2. ITT 15km
5th Philip Cavdarski 23:39:45
9th Nathan White 24:14:71


All the guys rode well but a few mechanicals hurt us. In particular Kurtis with a puncture out of the gate had to chase hard back to the bunch for half of lap 1. Despite the effort, Kurtis and Nathan made the final selection. Kurtis in 7th and Nathan in 9th.

Cat 2

Stage 1. Road Race 76km
11th Ian Blatchford


Mechanicals were again the order of the day with Adam out half way through the race to a twisted chain. Ian “Bomber” Blatchford rode on strongly to make the final selection, finishing 11th.