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COBRA9 SemiPro for SiDI

We have crafted a special, specific SIDI variant to ensure the perfect fit for those beautiful Italian slippers.  Along with our trusted carbon fibre inner core (available in low/medium/high) we have a few unique features for the SIDI shoe.

  • We have shaped the template to mirror the well known SIDI tapered toe box which is wider at the ball of the foot and narrower at the toes (love the Italians).  
  • We reduce the thickness of the liner to replicate the 2mm volume of the SIDI insole.  We tend to find most off shelf insoles for SIDI are far too thick.  
  • The last important modification we use for the SIDI specific variant is a slightly more posterior location for our carbon fibre inner core.  The heel seat of the SIDI tapers in aggressively under the heel, so we place our carbon inner core closer to the heel of the shoe to get support where you need it.

All SIDI SemiPro variants come with domes and an optional 2mm forefoot filler in case you need a little thickness.  

See the SemiPro Sizing Guide for detailed sizes and help with choosing the SemiPro for your pair of Sidis.