What you missed this morning – Hobart riding at it’s best.

Managed to sneak a ride in Hobart this morning and was rewarded by the views that are synonymous with the apple isle. The weather is starting to improve and riding is certainly more enjoyable without the heavy winter gear. We are starting to wind down for the year but look like starting out strong with […] Read More

Sydney Cast Session Tomorrow/Semi Pro Update

A reminder to all those booked in for the cast session in Sydney tomorrow to bring your cycling shoes. The top cover design of the Semi Pro is nearing completion.  The funky white remains on top with the red eva base enclosing the carbon fibre shell.  Another feature for those purchasing from the web site […] Read More

Another Cobra9 coffee ride

Monday becomes tolerable with morning ride and coffee. Nice to meet some new Cobra9 cast members on Friday. Makes it all the more enjoyable

Race Results & Casting Session in Brisbane

Congratulations to Nathan Haas on a spectacular win in the Jayco Tour.  He already has the lingo down pat throwing out a few  ‘beautiful sensations in the legs’ quotes that the tour pros would be proud of. A big well done must also go out to Cobra9 cyclists who have been performing admirably lately.  Cobra9 […] Read More

This morning

Another cracking morning in Brisbane today, perfect for a roll out through Brookfield and back via Gap Creek. The Chelsea (The Barracks) has some new bike racks that we’ve made good use of.

UCI World Champs

Well, what a weekend.  The World Champs were well beyond my greatest expectations.  The informed nature of the crowd, the unanimous support for all athletes (maybe a shade more for the Aussies) and seeing all those familiar names I have only heard uttered by Phil Liggett was a little unexpected and overwhelming.  Maybe the excellent […] Read More

World Champs

I’m getting that feeling that one gets when the tour de france or Paris Roubaix comes around.  I don’t usually get that reaction from the world champs, but having the international stars of cycling in your backyard can have that effect.  Despite this I have seen a ridiculously small amount of press coverage given to […] Read More

Tas Gas Launceston to New Norfolk

Rarely do you enter a race with the pessimistic expectation of just finishing.  Having ridden the course, I certainly knew it would test my limitations.  As usual, once the gun has gone, the competitive juices kick in and you start to get delusions of grandeur.  Nothings rips these delusions to shreds like a wall of […] Read More

Launceston to New Norfolk & World Champs

The Cobra9 team will be at both the World Champs in Geelong in September, and the epic one day classic Launceston to New Norfolk on the 14th of September.  Any queries regarding Cobra9 orthotics are encouraged at both events.  A few of the more ‘masochistic’ team members will enter the Launceston to New Norfolk and […] Read More

Helmets save lives!!

A recent training ride ended with me descending a little too quickly and without my bike.  A pair of torn Cobra9 bibs, shoes covers, vest  and hammered helmet later I ended up  paying a quick visit to my local radiologist.  All clear with just some scratches and torn pride to mull over.  A real reminder […] Read More

New Cobra9 Team Kit

Winter is here and the demand for cold weather gear is rife.  The mercury has dropped below freezing for my morning ride and roadside snow has made it’s first appearance.  As unpleasant as the antarctic air may be, there is a certain satisfaction pushing uphill through snow drifts in peaceful still conditions.  Going down again […] Read More