Product Update – Cobra9 Semi Pro

We are always trying new ways to innovate and improve our product and service provided at Cobra9.  Occasionally techniques or materials evolve and as such, we attempt to stay ahead of the game.  Another reason for product evolution relates to client feedback or specific product adaption to meet certain clients individual demands.  Thankfully we have […] Read More

Casting Dates Reminder, Tech Update

My it’s hard to maintain the training miles in winter.  It’s been windy, cold, snowy and just generally unpleasant here over the past few weeks.  Despite this, you still have to wipe the sleep from your glazed eyes and shuffle to the trainer to get those precious miles in.  Once the wheel starts spinning and […] Read More

New Team Kit Available

The design gurus at Cobra9 are at it again, this time improving the look and feel of the Cobra9 team bibs.  With the help of Champion System’s new stitch and chamois design and a healthy dose artistic flare, the new patterning looks and feels fantastic. Luckily I was able to give it a work out […] Read More

Undressed Cobra9's ready for a new outfit

Cyclingnews Article regarding cleat position – Steve Hogg & ESoles

I read an interesting article regarding cleat position on cyclingnews today.  It runs through a detailed method of establishing cleat position based on 1st metatarsal head location.  I like the theory behind this scientific approach to mounting your cleats.  It’s not hard to see why Steve Hogg is held in such regard with this type […] Read More

Out and About in Cobra9

There is nothing like a training ride with a good buddy, autumnal weather and long open roads.  With this in mind we took the new Champion System Cobra9 kit out and tested the mettle of the fleece winter range.  We managed to get through 400km’s on the weekend with only a few mechanicals (and some […] Read More

Tech Update – A response to casting query

I have recently been contacted by a cyclist in Western Australia who has asked why Cobra9 casts all clients personally rather then ‘posting’ kits as other manufacturers routinely do. The simple answer is – ‘We cant trust you to do what it has taken us years to perfect’. We have trialled kits in the past […] Read More