Technology Update – Cobra9 Semi Pro Cycling Orthotics

We have just received a shipment of Carbon Fibre from the USA for further fabrication of the Cobra9 Semi Pros.  Unfortunately. due to demand we literally ran out of materials so we should be up and running again soon and meeting the back orders.  The 1.5mm multi-directional carbon fibre looks a treat even before it’s shaped to […] Read More

Cobra9 Pros and the new Specialized S-Works shoe

It’s a match made in heaven. Our new slim profiled Cobra9 Pro partnered with the equally light weight S-Works shoe. This combination makes for wonderful comfort and superior performance. Scott who rides this duo has a long history of foot pathology related to trauma. The closure and performance of the S-Works work well with the […] Read More

Still looking for clinicians in Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra.

We are still looking to find the missing links in our Cobra9 team.   Our team now covers most of the eastern states from Hobart to Townsville but we are still looking for the ‘right’ candidates in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. If you are a qualified bike fitter, or a physiotherapist or podiatrist with a […] Read More

Cobra9 Semi Pro Update

We have been getting some requests recently regarding the availability of the Cobra9 Semi Pro.  What is it?  Does it exist?  Can I get my hands on some?!! Well, in answer to those questions; The Cobra9 Semi Pro is the ‘off the shelf’  version of our Pro device offering a low weight, minimal bulk specific […] Read More

Recent Cobra9 Pro Cycling Orthotic Images

We have been busy fabricating custom Cobra9 Pro devices and we thought we would bring a selection to the website to demonstrate the flexibility and individual nature of each Pro device. Abnormal forefoot Cobra9 Pro cyclist with an abnormal forefoot position causing the foot to roll in with the pedal stroke. We have created a Cobra9 Pro […] Read More

Specialized release new shoe! We’re impressed

Specialized’s new road shoe looks be a beauty! While still in the early release phase, the shoes ticks a lot of boxes that I felt were wanting previously. The new closure system finally provides a measure of adaptability for foot widths, and the last shape and carbon fibre tapering really brings the foot to the […] Read More

Cobra9 news, updates and race results

Whilst there has not been so much activity on the site recently, there has been some large updates and upgrades occurring in both the setup of Cobra9 and the manufacturing process over recent months. One of the key elements has been the ongoing training and establishment of regional Cobra9 personnel who are able (and willing) […] Read More

Cobra9 kit arrives

The latest batch of Cobra9 kit has arrived and been distributed. Looking forward to seeing the updated design out and about on the bike. This batch, like all of our kit is Champion Systems product and I am happy to say that there have been improvements on a number of fronts. Standard Bibs The new […] Read More

Off to Sydney for another session / Order your kit now!

Another weekend flying around Australia casting cyclists. It’s strange how I never cease enjoying meeting new eager cyclists. I look forward to meeting a few more in Sydney tomorrow. A new kit order will soon be underway with a slightly modified outfit now Ispahan Podiatry has added their brand to the kit. All cobra9 cyclists […] Read More

Response to Cyclingtips article on cycling orthotics.

I have received a few emails over the past 24 hours regarding a recent article relating to orthotic fit in cycling shoes so I thought I’d respond here. Most queries relate to what we at Cobra9 feel about the Solestar device and the other orthotics discussed in the article. Firstly I was very impressed […] Read More

Cobra9 Semi Pro 1st look (and other custom goodness)

It’s December and we have finally realised the finished Semi Pro cycling orthotic.  It has taken 12 months of trialling, testing and modification to arrive at this junction.  The web site will change over the coming weeks to account for the ordering and sizing process required to ‘choose your own devices’.  This will allow cyclists […] Read More

Cobra9 Pro update

The new cobra9 Pro is out and the sleek design looks fantastic. The carbon shell now sits neatly between the Eva foam reducing carbon wear and potential shell/shoe interface issues. Of course we had to allow a window to show off the internal carbon shell. Contact us if you want more information on the new […] Read More

Sydney Cast Session Tomorrow/Semi Pro Update

A reminder to all those booked in for the cast session in Sydney tomorrow to bring your cycling shoes. The top cover design of the Semi Pro is nearing completion.  The funky white remains on top with the red eva base enclosing the carbon fibre shell.  Another feature for those purchasing from the web site […] Read More

Cycling Orthotics and Shoe Fit

One of the most common queries we are asked at Cobra9 is how well our orthotics fit the ever increasing range of cycling shoes.  It is a rational query and concern given the unusual last shapes that we encounter these days.  I recently encountered a pair of Fizik shoes that will provide one of my […] Read More