Sydney Date Added

The next Sydney casting date is set in stone.  Anyone wishing to be cast in Sydney should contact us soon.   Casting Date Sydney – 2nd September    

Casting Dates Reminder, Tech Update

My it’s hard to maintain the training miles in winter.  It’s been windy, cold, snowy and just generally unpleasant here over the past few weeks.  Despite this, you still have to wipe the sleep from your glazed eyes and shuffle to the trainer to get those precious miles in.  Once the wheel starts spinning and […] Read More

Finally!! Cobra9 Casting Sessions in Sydney & Melbourne

    It has been a little while coming (sorry Sydney) but we are back on the road for another Cobra9 Casting road trip.  I’m excited!  As an extra bonus to all those on our waiting lists, there will be two Cobra9 podiatrists attending.  Twice the expertise, and twice the coffee consumed.  So bring your […] Read More