Cobra9 SemiPro available through The Body Mechanic

Cobra9 SemiPro available through The Body Mechanic

We are very excited to be providing Cobra9 Cycling Orthotic Solutions to the crew at The Body Mechanic Sydney.  The Body Mechanic have been at the forefront in providing Athlete health management since 2008. The Body Mechanic is a great example where the industry is heading as we enter a new era of cycling centric […] Read More

Cobra9 and MTOSS Racing link up or 2019

We are excited to be involved with the emerging National Road Series Squad ‘MTOSS’ based out of Sydney.  The team bring a blend of youth and experience as well as combining Road and MTB racing across its collection of riders.  The management are a professional and organised outfit who have their heart set on creating […] Read More

A quick and simple overview of Cycling Shoes.

We have created a quick cheat sheet for our Cobra9 network to cover the strengths and weaknesses of shoe brands and provide some direction on shoe choices for your feet.  If you need more help, feel free to email [email protected] or see your local practitioner for advice.  The information is our opinion only, and it’s […] Read More

New Cobra9 SemiPro locations now online.

We have been busy setting up a raft of new locations to stock our ‘off the shelf’ ready to use SemiPro Cycling Orthotics.  Simply visit our partners page to find your local connection.  If you are a partner and have yet to to be listed on our page, fire us an email and we will […] Read More

Get Cobra9 SemiPro for your practice today

We are pleased to announce that our premium Cobra9 SemiPro ‘off the shelf’ cycling orthotic is now available through our friends at DBS Medical.  DBS Medical have the scope to provide our bespoke Cycling Orthotics to Podiatrists and Physiotherapists all around Australia. All Podiatry and Physiotherapy practices will be listed under our partners page to […] Read More

Expanding our Network in Melbourne

Few would argue that Melbourne is the cycling capital of Australia.  Despite the omnipresent threat of precipitation and gusty winds, the Southern Metropolis just gets it done.  It breeds a certain type of rider, one who is hardened to the elements and is prepared to make the commute despite the conditions.   Cobra9 has had […] Read More

Size matters

  Cycling shoes are designed to be fit for purpose.  Translating the athlete’s power to the machine with maximum efficiency minus any weight penalty.   No point having one if you can’t have the other.  As the price and specifications of shoes increase, the marginal gains really kick in.  Stiffer carbon soles, less shoe flex […] Read More

Morton’s Neuroma. What is it?

One of the frequently misdiagnosed conditions effecting cyclists (and non cyclists) is the Morton’s Neuroma.  It would seem as though every incidence of forefoot pain is blamed upon this annoying condition.  In truth, the incidence of true Morton’s Neuroma is quite low across the population.  It’s prevalence in women is far higher then men with females 8-10 times for […] Read More

Metatarsal Domes- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

One of the most common additions to orthotics, especially cycling devices is the Metatarsal Dome.  Famed for reducing forefoot numbness and pain, the promises made by practitioners regarding this inert lump of foam are spectacular. The Good Metatarsal domes, when used appropriately, can reduce loading through the forefoot.  The basis for this is not super technical.  You increase […] Read More

The Cobra9 Pro Process

The step by step process behind the Cobra9 Pro Step 1. After making an appointment with one of our approved practitioners, a thorough history is taken regarding foot pain, shoe type and riding type.  The Podiatrist then conducts a full biomechanical assessment and a foot impression is taken. Step 2. The prescription and feet are then […] Read More

Cobra9 Cycling Orthotics Approved Partners

We’ve been busy training and expanding our network of practitioners all around Australia over the past few years.  We are also upgrading the skills of our practitioners to ensure they know more about shoes, cleat positioning and the effect of cycling orthoses on the rider. We will announce our new partners shortly. We are also […] Read More

Cobra9 Intebuild Racing Team for National Capital Tour 2015

We are pleased to announce the team ahead of this weekend’s National Capital Tour.  This will be our Elite racing team’s second NRS event this year after our first hit out at Battle on the Border.   We are aiming to improve on our performance and consistency from the Tweed Coast event and gain more experience […] Read More

More Podiums for our Cobra9 Pro Footbeds at Queensland State Titles

Following on from the great results achieved at the Queensland State Criterium Titles, 5 more riders wearing our Cobra9 Pros climbed onto the podium at the recent State Time Trial Champs.  Three firsts and two second placings across the categories speaks volumes for the endeavours of these riders.  We are stoked that our premium cycling orthotics were […] Read More