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Getting to know Cobra9 Intebuild Racing 2015 – Phil Cavdarski


A few quick questions with C9 Intebuild young gun – Philip Cavdarski

C9: What should we call you mate?

PC: Phil

C9: What bike do you ride?


C9: Best result thus far?

PC: Probably Grafton 14 (Grafton-Inverell Road Race) just because it was so hard.

C9: Shoes?

PC: Bont Vaypor

C9: What’s your goal for 2015 mate?

PC: Umm, just to really, I don’t know, try and do as well as I can in QRTS and, maybe, I don’t know (laughs)

C9: That’s very eloquent mate (laughs)

PC:  (laughs) Get some good results in the open road races.


C9: How would you best describe your riding style?

PC: Ahh Areo is everything (Laughs)

C9: Super slammed

PC: Yeah

C9: What’s your biggest hubbard moment?

PC: Umm, running into a pole outside a coffee shop and making my banana, I mean, my wheel into a banana (laughs)

C9: How do you have your coffee?

PC: Flat white with a lot of extra caffeine


C9: You mean a double shot?

PC: Yeah.

C9: Ok. In the crits, a onsie or standard kit mate?

PC: I’d run a skin suit every day if I had one (laughs) When I get one (laughs) I’ll be running it to the coffee shop, I’ll be running it in training.

C9: Thanks Phil.

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