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Last round of QRTS14 – Powered by Powerstation and BLMegabar


This weekend is the last round of the Queensland Road Team Series for 2014.  It has been a see saw season at Cobra9 Intebuild racing in the QRTS with some excellent results interspersed with some less auspicious moments.  After 4 rounds, we have slipped back to 12th position overall.   The last race for 2014 is a criterium and this discipline has seen many of our best results for 2014.    The lads will be frothing to make an impact.  Let’s hope it’s a good one!

The line up for the last round includes many of the stalwarts from the 2014 QRTS season including criterium weapon, Matt Ryan.

c9 group photo

Team line up QRTS14 Round 5

Adam White (Uni Cycle Club) – 5 from 5 for QRTS in 2014.   A model of consistency.   Adam will be working hard to keep the lead out boys out of trouble whilst working on finishing in a position between 30 and 40.

Dugald Macarthur (Lifecycle) – 4 from 5 starts in QRTS 2014.  Dugs will be putting out some serious wattage after chasing big Tony Abbott’s wheel all week in the pollie pedal.  Let’s hope he learned a few sly tricks from the incumbent PM.

Nathan White (Cyc’d) – 4 from 5 starts in QRTS 2014.  Staying off the tarmac after 2 visits in round 4 will be a high priority.  Look for 60 minutes plus 3 laps of pain face action.

Rupert Leigh (HPRW) – 5 from 5 starts in QRTS 2014.  Another of our riders who has appeared in every round and is our leader in the overall standings.  A good result here would push him solidly into the top 30 overall.  Let’s hope he clips the legs one last time for 2014 before returning to his hairy MTB roots.

Matt Ryan (Moreton Bay C.C) – 3 from 5 starts for the unit in 2014.  Without doubt the sprinting weapon of our team in 2014.  Matt gets his first real chance to unleash on Sunday after a few mechanicals in vital moments in this years series.  The key will be getting him into the slot.  If he is in the slot, then the shit will get pretty serious.

Matt Zaranski (Cyc’d) – 2.5 from 5 starts in QRTS 2014.  Matt is ready to show the peloton what he is made of this weekend.  Another of our consistent performers who loves a breakaway and it’s likely he will get another chance this weekend.  He also loves grinding his junk to bits in his skin suit so keep an eye out for his pain face after a few laps.



We also get Cobra9 Intebuild coffee sponsor Danny and the Powerstation crew to man the brew machines at Muzz all day Sunday.  These guys make a proper coffee and with Mocopan providing the beans it’s sure to epic.  Get along to The Powerstation Bunker and get your caffeine fix on.  Powerstation Cafe for the win!!

coffee guy


We also hope to get our energy bar sponsor and cycling scribe Brett from BLMegabar along for the last round.  We might even allow some of his small batch Cobra9 Witch Eater bars to be available so you can see what powers Cobra9 Intebuild.



Come on out to Muzz on Sunday and watch a whole day of racing featuring Queensland and Australia’s best cycling talent.  Grab a Powerstation brew, some Witch Eater and find a spot on the track to enjoy the best sport in Oz.


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