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Expansion time and Professional Team Services.


With demand comes expansion.  Hence, we are about to add an exciting second location in the CBD of Sydney which when combined with 3DBikeFit in Penrith will have most of Sydney covered.  Keep and eye out on the social media sites when this drops.

We are also about to add a location in Launceston where so much of Australia’s best talent emerges from.

Both of these locations are quality establishments with a contemporary innovative edge that sits well with the Cobra9 brand.  We will planning on having the full product line available at both of these locations including the Cobra9 SemiPro and Pro devices.


In other news, we are now providing a Team Service model whereby Cobra9 provides professional services through the assessment of your team’s cycling shoe and footbed needs.  Whilst we have been looking after the feet of many of Australia’s top team’s riders on a individual basis over the last few years,  this service will cater for a larger number of riders.  The service will be offered throughout Australia and will be available to cycling teams from the pro ranks through to local club racers.  If your team feels the need to get the Cobra9 edge or wants to understand more about their feet, lower legs and the implication on their cycling, then they should contact us at Cobra9 for further information pertaining to this service.  A set fee for this group service will be negotiated on a case by case basis but represents a discount over individualised consults.


With all the expansion currently, we are conscious at Cobra9 of obtaining and maintaining the highest standard of quality on all of our products and services. We started as a small two man operation over six years ago and we are still striving to keep the same level of quality with all of our services as we expand throughout Australia. The company now has many more individuals involved then ever before including the newly formed Cobra Intebuild racing, but we spend a lot of time ensuring that our commitment to the best cycling products and services is maintained. If it’s made by Cobra9, or you seeing someone endorsed by Cobra9, then you have our guarantee of quality.



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