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Mooloolaba Crit Photos and a chat with the Lads from Cobra9 Intebuild

DSC_0431Mooloolaba provided the perfect day and scene for a red hot Subaru NRS Criterium held in conjunction with the Mooloolaba ICU Triathlon.   Cobra9 Intebuild sent a team up to battle against the big guns of Team Drapac, Team Budget Forklifts and Team Avanti amongst other heavy hitters.  It proved to be a good test of the mettle for Hadleigh, Matt Ryan and Matt Zaranski.  The boys held up well in tough conditions, doing some work on the front before fading in the final few laps.

DSC_0413The race broke up under the direction of 4 riders, Jack Anderson (Team Drapac), Ryan Cavanagh (QAS), Jack Beckinsale (Team Avanti) and Jessie Kerrison (Team Budget Forklifts).  The main bunch sat up a little as the big four all had representation.  It wasn’t until Daniel Fitter (QAS) chased across the gap and Caleb Ewan (Subaru) pushed the afterburners did the race really come to life.


The race was won with a well timed attack on the line by Jack Anderson over Ryan Cavanagh.  Hadleigh rode well for about 14th whilst stomach cramps would eventually halt Matt Ryan.  Matt Zaranski pushed hard but the legs were still a little heavy after belting himself in 3 Peaks last weekend.


After the race I caught up and asked a few impromptu questions to Hadleigh (Uni) and Matt Z (Cyc’d) about racing against the best in Australia.

C9 Hads, how hard was that mate?

Hadleigh Umm….pretty hard.  When your normalising 400 Watts, yeah, it’s pretty hard.

Matt Z Yeah it was a hard course, technical.  You could only pass on the uphill and downhill section.

Matthew Zaranski (Cyc’d) COBRA9 INTEBUILD

C9 How was it racing against some of Australia’s heaviest hitters including Caleb (Ewan)?

Matt Z  Yeah Good.  He (Caleb) didn’t really do too much.  He was sitting in waiting for his chance and when he realised that the break wasn’t going to get pulled back he dropped a Watt bomb (laughs).  Split the field pretty quick after that!

C9 How was the top of the course up the hill into the hairpin turn? Tough?

Matt Z Once you were going up it was ok.  You could ride on.

Hadleigh  On one lap I got off the front and got T boned on that corner which wasn’t much fun

Hadleigh Milligan (Uni Cycle Club) COBRA9 INTEBUILD
Hadleigh Milligan (Uni Cycle Club) COBRA9 INTEBUILD

C9 Was it fast from the start or more of an up and down pace?

Matt Z Yep, It was hot from the start. Yeah, hot.

C9 Are you keen to do some more of these bigger races?

Matt Z  Yeah, yeah, good experience.  I kind of know now what kind of training I need to put in for races at this level.

C9 What would you do differently next time?

Matt Z Train (laughs).  Not do an 8 hour ride (3 peaks) the weekend before (laughs).

Hadleigh Yeah, it’s just more interval work.  It was a hard race, but you know, I never really felt like I was in danger until I tried to crash myself (laughs) and that was the end of my race.

C9 How did the new kit feel (Seight)?

Hadleigh Yeah it’s really good.  It breathes well, umm, it’s pretty tight but you never felt like you were cooking.  Note – It was midday and very hot.

Matt Z Yeah it’s definitely good.  Vents nicely.  You felt cool it in yeah.

C9 Plans for tonight?

Hadleigh Get lit (laughs all round).

Matt Z  Yeah, a few drinks wont go astray (laughs).

C9 Thanks lads.

Note – Cobra9 does not condone getting lit.  We did however imbibe in a few Peronis and knock off a nice Pinot or 2.


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