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A big few weeks of racing for Cobra9 Intebuild

This weekend sees the kick off of the Qld Team Road Series for 2014 and Cobra9 Intebuild will be making their début appearance.  The chosen six riders from the roster are;  Adam White (Uni), Hadleigh Milligan (Uni), Dugald Macarthur (Lifecycle), Nathan White (Cyc’d), Rupert Leigh (HPRW) and Thomas Collier (Ipswich C.C).  The boys will be doing their best to animate what will no doubt be a tough few races over the weekend.   The race is held over the entire weekend around the narrow windy roads of Toowoomba.   Come and have a chat to us between races at the Cobra9 Intebuild marquee.

The following weekend will see three riders Matthew Ryan (M.B.C.C), Hadleigh Milligan (Uni) and Matthew Zaranski (Cyc’d) taking on the National Road Series lads at the Mooloolaba Criterium.  This event is held in conjunction with the Mooloolaba Triathlon.   It will no doubt be a gruelling 50 minutes of suffering.  Get along at 1:30pm to the  Mooloolaba course and support the boys if you are in the area.

Thanks to all our supporters who have got us to this position including our families, sponsors (especially Steve Leitch from Intebuild) and our supportive cycling clubs.   A big thanks also to Cobra9 Intebuild racing manager Dugald Macarthur who has been making a lot of tough decisions and has sacrificed a huge amount of his time to run the team.

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