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Cobra9 Group Session

At Cobra9 we get asked occasionally to perform group sessions.  This is where we head out and see a collection of cyclists over the period of a few days in locations where we either have no permanent technician, or where we want to look after the interests of a club/team in a timely and succinct fashion.  Often, this session is held in conjunction with a bike fitter and/or physiotherapist for a more comprehensive service.

To help you decide whether you or your team would like to book one of these sessions and to better understand the process, I will run through the basic set up.


We normally will avail ourselves of a bike fitter studio, a bike shop or a large meeting/conference room.  Somewhere where have space and access to large volumes of coffee.


Normally we will provide direction on approximate times to pop in.   We also request confirmation on numbers to ensure we have adequate resources to provide for all clients.

What do you do?

We assess your cycling shoe/foot needs.  Consulting with us is not a guarantee on the provision of  Cobra9 Pro device.  Sometimes all that is required is advice on footwear or cleat position.  However, if you want to get fitted out for some Pros, then we will take moulds of your feet to build your footbeds.  If a SemiPro will suffice, then we will fit and mould that as required.

Do I need a Cobra9 Pro?

Good question.  I don’t know.  That’s what these sessions are all about.  Come along and we can discuss what your foot needs may be.  If you want to know more about what a Pro device is – click here.

Will I be covered by my Health Insurance?

If you have extras cover for podiatry then most defiantly yes.  The practitioner at these sessions will usually be Cobra9 principle podiatrist Nathan White.  All consultations as a consequence are covered by your health insurance.  If you receive Cobra9 Pro orthotic devices, these will also be covered through your health insurance.  Make sure you check with your insurer to see if your covered for podiatry.

What will it cost me?

This depends largely on what you receive.  If all you receive is advice, then we try and keep the cost to a bare minimum to cover our time (health insurance rebates assist with this).    The casting cost for the Cobra9 Pro orthotic is $74 at a group session.  The Cobra9 Pro devices retail at $450 (no GST on this item).  Health insurance will cover a fair portion of this.  SemiPro devices retail at $165.  These are claimable on health insurance depending on your health insurer and your policy.  The item numbers to check with your health insurer are F221 – for the Pros, F267 for the SemiPros and F303 for casting.  If you are planning on organising a session for a team – contact us here for more information regarding our team packages/sponsorships.  Please include your team details in the enquiry form. 

When do I get my gear?

We aim to get all Cobra9 Pros out to our cyclists within 2 weeks.  Your package includes your Pros, a pair of Cobra9/4Shaw socks and a musette bag to carry your goodies in.

How do  I get in contact?

If you are part of a team or club, get in contact with us and we can organise the specifics regarding time and location.  Contact Abbie from head office here to get the ball rolling.

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