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Cobra9 SemiPro is coming…….

The Cobra9 SemiPro is a step up from what is currently available on the market when it comes to off the shelf cycling orthotics.   There are many features that separate it from the competition.  Check out the Cobra9 difference.

Importantly, it’s size is comparable with the stock footbed.  Many standard cycling orthotic options are very wide and bulky pushing the shoe away from the foot.

However, as you can see from the profile, the Cobra9 SemiPro is contoured to fit the foot.  The profile depends upon your arch height dimensions – Low, Medium or High.

The light weight construction combined with minimal bulk allows for a super fit into your cycling shoe (Big thanks to Bike Fitting legend Pete Spencer from Gold Coast Bike Fit for the Bonts)

 The contouring provides a platform for power transfer and comfort with a reduction in hot spots


As seen here, the medium arch height option fits this foot perfectly.  It is important to load the foot when assessing appropriate profiling.

The Cobra9 SemiPro has a profile designed specifically for cycling with increased load through the distal portion of the medial and lateral arch.  This enhances comfort and contact.  Profiles that taper too quickly from the long arch tend to distribute pressure unevenly and uncomfortably.

The Cobra9 SemiPro will be readily available through the website and selected stores soon.  Keep an eye on the site for details.

Cobra9 SemiPro
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tested by Professionals
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