February Free Shipping on International Orders!!

Free Cobra9 Pro Cycling Orthotics!!

Well….for some.

All existing Cobra9 Pro cyclists with eligible private health insurance are able to secure a 2nd set of Pro devices at fund only!

Simply contact us, fill out the details and we will retrieve your moulds from storage and get cracking.

This offer is only available to Cobra9 Pro cyclists.

Check with your health insurer prior to contacting us regarding eligibility.


Don’t worry if you haven’t ordered your initial set of Cobra9 Pro devices yet, this offer is valid to all new and existing cyclists.

Get in soon and you will be able to get a second set for your MTB shoes, road shoes or day to day footwear next year for free*

Check with us regarding options for a standard set for regular use!


Corba9Pro Orthotic

Cobra9 Pro Walk/Run Short Cover


If you haven’t got private health insurance, contact us for 2nd set discount options.

*Some conditions apply.

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