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Technology Update – Cobra9 Semi Pro Cycling Orthotics

We have just received a shipment of Carbon Fibre from the USA for further fabrication of the Cobra9 Semi Pros.  Unfortunately. due to demand we literally ran out of materials so we should be up and running again soon and meeting the back orders.  The 1.5mm multi-directional carbon fibre looks a treat even before it’s shaped to the demands of the cycling shoe.  If you were thinking of getting a pair, get on board now.

cobra9 carbon fibre
cobra9 carbon fibre

We also took shipment of some new .75mm carbon fibre which we are looking at testing in the Cobra9 Pro range.  It is half as thick again as our previous material and hopefully will perform with the same rigidity.  Once we have worked through the testing process and played with the materials further, we will let you know whether this supersedes our current model.


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