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Cobra9 Semi Pro Update

We have been getting some requests recently regarding the availability of the Cobra9 Semi Pro.  What is it?  Does it exist?  Can I get my hands on some?!!

Well, in answer to those questions;

The Cobra9 Semi Pro is the ‘off the shelf’  version of our Pro device offering a low weight, minimal bulk specific cycling orthotic.

Cobra9 Semi Pro vs Pro          Same Shape, Different core
Semi Pro vs Pro Same Shape, Different core

The Semi Pro comes in Low, Medium and High variants and is available in shoe sizes from 39 – 47.  It still has the dual density EVA foam for cushioning, all weather wear and weight reduction.

The core of the Semi Pro before and after shaping.

It also has a glass fibre core that is less stiff then the Pro device which is essential due to the non custom nature of the product.  It still tapers and fits the tight confines of cycling shoes.

Cobra9 Semi Pro Start to Finish


And yes, the Cobra9 Semi Pro is available in limited quantities.  The online price is currently $99 + PH.  This price will increase when the Semi Pro is released fully later this year.

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