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Cobra9 Semi Pro 1st look (and other custom goodness)

It’s December and we have finally realised the finished Semi Pro cycling orthotic.  It has taken 12 months of trialling, testing and modification to arrive at this junction.  The web site will change over the coming weeks to account for the ordering and sizing process required to ‘choose your own devices’.  This will allow cyclists to pick and choose between differing arch profiles and even lengths of each semi custom device.  Optional extras as varus/valgus shims and domes are also planned.


Cobra9 Semi Pro

Whilst the white and red finish looks fairly ‘bling’ the future release will most likely be in black/red to separate the Cobra9 Pro and Semi Pro variants.  I’m sure all the Cobra9 Pro users are breathing a sigh of relief.

Cobra9 Semi Pro

The final internal carbon fibre shell comes in at a very similar weight to the Pro device (few grams heavier) but has a different weave/glass structure that generates more flex.  This was a crucial design element to provide the comfort flex needed in a semi custom device without sacrificing the minimalist shape and having to turn to heavier thicker EVA foam like most off the shelf options.  The finished weight will still be around half that of most commonly used ‘off the shelfers’.

And to finish with something different.  One of our most ardent and emphatic Cobra9 Pro users recently requested some standards for work.  Whilst we at Cobra9 are focused on delivering the highest quality cycling devices possible, we couldn’t turn down an opportunity to have a bit of a play.  Seeing as though he liked the graphics of the Semi Pro we finished off his 2mm carbon dress-fit standards with the white Semi Pro covers.  Pretty sweet!


Bespoke bling


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