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Cycling Orthotics and Shoe Fit

One of the most common queries we are asked at Cobra9 is how well our orthotics fit the ever increasing range of cycling shoes.  It is a rational query and concern given the unusual last shapes that we encounter these days.  I recently encountered a pair of Fizik shoes that will provide one of my biggest challenges yet.

I term it a challenge because it is eminently solvable.  The custom nature of the Cobra9 Pro enables us to shape a shell profile within the confines of any cycling shoe.  (A damn site easier than fitting to any device to women’s dress shoe).  The first process after the cast is taken is to ensure a perfect fit to the foot.  This includes allowances for individual variations often seen between high and low arched feet.  Once the contact surface has been established, the device can then be ‘shaped’ to fit different last shapes and more importantly, widths.  As a consequence, the finished product sits neatly (low bulk) in the shoe, and still provides an important contact area for pressure distribution.

The greater challenge for us at Cobra9 is to enable the same type of suitability of fit to the Cobra9 Semi Pro device.  Whilst we can guarantee the same low bulk lightweight design, adaptability poses a greater challenge.  To prevent orthotic/shoe conflict, we have chosen a thinner more flexible/pliable carbon fibre with a different weave to maintain strength but increased flex crucial to comfort and varying shoe fit.  This is not an issue with the fully customised Cobra9 Pro as its bespoke nature eliminates these issues.

The soon to be available Cobra9 Semi Pro will enable a large portion of cyclists to get the most from their cycling shoes without needing the full Cobra9 Pro experience.  Obviously many will still choose the more customised version, and many cyclists who have particularly unusual or asymmetrical feet will still need or insist on the top tier device.  Who can blame them!

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