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Product Update – Cobra9 Semi Pro

We are always trying new ways to innovate and improve our product and service provided at Cobra9.  Occasionally techniques or materials evolve and as such, we attempt to stay ahead of the game.  Another reason for product evolution relates to client feedback or specific product adaption to meet certain clients individual demands.  Thankfully we have a bevy of Cobra9 testers and sponsored riders (keep an eye out for a site page devoted to these particularly keen chaps) who keep us ‘informed’.

One of the most frequent requests to our site pertains to the availability of an ‘off the shelf’ Cobra9 to rival the Esoles and Footpro/Formthotics that are out there.  Some of these products are often described at ‘custom’ which I feel is a little misleading.  Ultimately, unless the individuals foot profiles are used as a mould or scanned, then at best the orthotic solution should be described as semi – custom or modified prefabricated.  A discussion relating to the comparison of this level of orthotic customisation can be found in a previous post here.

At Cobra9 we have been working on our Cobra9 Semi Pro orthotic for some time.  We have looked into this option for those who would prefer a cheaper, less time invasive cycling orthotic with the cycling credentials relating to the Cobra9 brand.  This device will remain cycling specific, not for other ambulatory activities.  A quick glance at rivals off the shelf devices shows a remarkable likeness between their running, walking and cycling orthotics.  The Cobra9 will remain true to the crucial elements of cycling – minimal weight, bulk and flex.

The basis for this product takes a lot of the best bits from the Cobra9 (may soon be rebranded Cobra9 Pro) and integrates them into an off the shelf semi-customised device.  Based on some important anatomical measurements each rider can ascertain quite easily in their living room, we will be able to provide a medium flex carbon / eva combination Cobra9 to satisfy most regular riders.  The level of flex in the orthotic will be more supple to allow for some individual variances and to prevent shell irritation.  The weight will remain remarkably similar to a standard device (around 37 grams for a size 43)  and the bulk will also remain non existent.  The level of custom stiffness will not rival the Cobra9 Pro, but those riders wishing for that performance will always require the full personalised treatment.  Some unusual tricky feet will  fall outside the parameters of the Cobra9 Semi Pro and will as such require the full Cobra9 Pro.

We are reaching the final stages of testing currently so keep your eyes on the site for the release.  If you have any queries regarding this product – contact us.

A quick reminder that Sydney casting is fast approaching.  Get your names in if you wish to be cast on the 2nd of September.  All those on the list will be contacted shortly regarding arrangements.  A Brisbane casting session will be held soon.

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