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Tour de France late nights and upcoming casting dates

It’s my favourite time of the year as I valiantly attempt to balance work with the inevitable late nights watching the Tour. Some stages demand your immediate attention, whilst others can be afforded the delayed viewing with cornflakes in the morning treatment. Already this year I have found myself waking up on the couch with 6km’s of the stage remaining. I am surprised by how fast one can go from the depths of sleep to jumping out of the chair screaming at the TV when the action demands. Unfortunately, it then takes 2 hours to settle the heart rate and drift off to sleep for a precious few hours before the alarm clocks reminds you of your mundane daily duties.

Undressed Cobra9's ready for a new outfit
Undressed Cobra9

Thankfully for me, these duties involve Cobra9 casting and fabrication. It certainly helps the motivation to be immersed in the cycling industry working on devices for cyclists of all levels. The next sessions are confirmed for Brisbane and Melbourne. A casting session in Sydney is in the pipeline as well. All those on the waiting lists will be contacted shortly. Anyone keen to get in on the action, contact us.

We are still trying to organise a session in Perth and Adelaide when time and numbers allow. Anyone from those cycling meccas keen to have the Cobra9 treatment, let us know.

Casting Session Dates

Brisbane – Friday 22nd July (Morning)

Melbourne – Friday 12th August (Morning)

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