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Casting Dates Reminder, Tech Update

My it’s hard to maintain the training miles in winter.  It’s been windy, cold, snowy and just generally unpleasant here over the past few weeks.  Despite this, you still have to wipe the sleep from your glazed eyes and shuffle to the trainer to get those precious miles in.  Once the wheel starts spinning and the sweat is generated it’s amazing how the thoughts of bed disappear.  Watching highlights of the Daphine always helps maintain some motivation, even if you’re watching it in flemish!

Next weekend, the 18th and 19th of June sees Cobra9 rip into Melbourne then Sydney.  Looking forward to some milder weather and casting some new ‘team’ members.  If you’re keen to get in on the action, let us know ASAP.

Winter Training in Queensland, Balmy

New Products update

We have been continuing to work on some new products within the Cobra9 stable.  The mountain bike specific Cobra9 is currently in testing (rigorously) and is performing well.  Some very muddy devices out there!  The 2nd tier Cobra9 semi-custom EVA device is also going through the process of production then hopefully onto testing later on this year.  Still some tinkering involved here but it looks like an exciting lower cost, less customised option.  Both of these products are being developed in our lab and are being tested on the road by a legion of loyal Cobra9 cyclists.  Bless their hearts!

Looking forward to the weekend and getting out on the road rather than the indoor trainer.  It’s a sea of arm and leg warmers around the coffee shop at the moment and there are plenty of missing faces now that the weather separates the wheat from the chaff.  I still love getting out there, seeing your breath in the frigid air whilst the rain drips off the cap all the while slowly climbing up and around my favourite hills.  Makes you forget work and immerse yourself in the spirit what cycling is all about.

Enjoy your weekend.

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