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Getting reacquainted with the Ipswich 100

Last year’s Ipswich 100 was the first time that we setup a manned presence at a cycling event and began telling the Cobra9 story so we had to return this year to the start of it all to participate in this great event again.

The first thing to say about this event is that the title is a little misleading. Many a strong man has crumbled when they get through 160km, only to find that the 100 mile course is closer to 170km. A small selection formed after the Warrell View climb that comes around the 40km mark. Here are some snaps of the group that I’ve grabbed from the full set of pics of the day.

You can always rely on some wind across the exposed countryside as you battle the dead country roads and this year was no exception. The run home from Boonah over the “dirty dozen” tests how much petrol you have left in the tank and invariably turns into a personal battle as the series of 10% ‘undulations’ stretches on in a straight line for as far as you can see.

All in all, a great day out in fantastics riding conditions.

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