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Brisbane and Sydney done and dusted. Melbourne getting closer…. as is the Mt Wellington Challenge

Brisbane and Sydney casting sessions have been completed for another month or so.  Good to see new faces and feet with all their complexities.   Nice to get a ride in as well with some of the new members, as well as some of the established Cobra9 crew who were hanging around.

Melbourne dates are currently being finalised.  Once we get definite numbers we will email all clients to confirm.  Get a pal to come along and we will shoot you through a free pair of boot covers to ‘pretty’ up your shoes.

Training is coming along painfully for the Mt Wellington Challenge.   Entries are welcome before the day and I would advise all those interested to register beforehand.  A recent training mission to the top reaffirmed my belief that it may be the worst possible contest for me to enter.  I can’t resist the pain however and will rock up again to enjoy some punishment. Congratulations to Genesys for getting behind the event.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.  Any issues or queries, contact us.

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