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Cobra9 ‘Back to Work’ – Casting Dates and new Kit coming soon!!

2011 is here and its time to get back on the bike and knock off a few of those Christmas pounds.  With this in mind, some of the Cobra9 team headed to Mt Wellington for a punishment session.   It’s a beast of a mountain with unrelenting gradients peaking towards the summit.  A ride well known by a legion of fans around southern Tasmania.

Suffering beautifully

The Mt Wellington Challenge is just around the corner (time trial from lower slopes to the summit – 22km of suffering) and anyone thinking of partaking should be making travel arrangements now.  I cannot recommend this race more strongly and foresee it becoming a feature event in coming years.

Is my back brake on?

We will be announcing a series of dates soon for casting sessions in capital cities.  Anyone interested in coming along should register interest now.  We will try to accommodate everyone to these sessions, but if your unsure whether you can make the allotted time or have other questions relating to the Cobra9 orthotic – just contact us.  We love to talk Cobra9, bikes and cycling in general.

Cinelli Pro Best of
Mt Wellington bike porn

A revised team kit arrives soon with a remodelled bib design available.  Asymmetrical splashes of white can be found on the legs (not the crotch) which should make you look the part, even if you can’t find your spot on the podium.  It’s been amazing to see how many cyclists are out and about in the team gear these days.   Contact us if your keen to grab some gear to set off your trendy orthotics.

That’s about it for the first update of 2011.  We will endeavour to update more frequently this year as site traffic has increased markedly.  We will also be competing and visiting more races and events this year.  Check the site regularly for updates on where we will be visiting and come say g’day.  Even better, get some Cobra9’s, grab some kit and join the team!!

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