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World Champs

I’m getting that feeling that one gets when the tour de france or Paris Roubaix comes around.  I don’t usually get that reaction from the world champs, but having the international stars of cycling in your backyard can have that effect.  Despite this I have seen a ridiculously small amount of press coverage given to this once in a life time event on our shores (clicky for ‘useful’ site).  I’m aware that not all the populace is able to distinguish Cavendish from your average weekend punter, but I would argue that this event outranks the increasingly ‘novel’ Commonwealth Games.  Certainly the quality and international sporting appeal of the riders rocking into Geelong would dwarf that of the Dehli games.  In any case, I’m excited.

As mentioned in previous posts, Cobra9 will be at the Worlds.  We will be staying in Melbourne CBD and should be able to accommodate those wanting to be cast for custom carbon cycling orthotics.  Contact us ASAP so we can organise times.

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